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Music scenes intermingle occasionally in Baltimore and suddenly people find themselves outside of their protected spheres of creative activity.

The Boom Bap Society (BBS) is such a phenomenon. Erik Spangler and Wendel Patrick form the creative core of BBS. Their musical anchor is a writhing mass of cables connected to more than a few controlling devices triggering sounds of all kinds. Erik seems to specialize in soundscapes left over from processed vinyl and, for BBS, spices the air with an evolving flutter of sound. Wendel is the earth to Erik’s water, playing a tiny controller keyboard with suprising agility to lay out hard nosed beats over which he often layers skillful scratches. But it would be an oversimplification to define these two artists in the roles described above. My only hope is to give the reader a sense of the fertile grounds to which Erik and Wendel invite guest musicians to join a BBS performance.

I got to work with these guys on the most recent BBS, which took place this past Friday at the Wind Up Space in Station North. It was thrilling to work with harpist Jackie Poullauf and emcee Eze Jackson. I grew as an artist, learned some new tricks, and most importantly, made connections with a group of artists that I will continue to build and work with in the future. The video below, produced by Wendel Patrick, will give you a better idea of how BBS gets down.

The next video was shot at the Wind Up Space during the BBS set featuring myself and Wendel Patrick.

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