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Chuck the Madd Ox is one of my favorite beatboxers. Check out this collaboration between the two us at Embody Lab 04! Video by Thomas Kessler, his amazing You Tube channel is here.

Human Beatbox Harmonica master Yuri Lane continues to make us other beatboxers ask the simple question "am I doing enough as a performing artist???" Check out his performance on the Steve Harvey Show and you will see why: Visit Yuri's website for more information.

As a teaching artist with the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, I have worked with teachers of students in preK and Kindergarten to provide arts-based teaching strategies in a professional development residency format. In other words, I go into these teacher's classrooms and share songs, games and exercises that the teachers can then continue to use…

Drury Bynum is a beast. He shoots and edits video for Shine Creative, based in Baltimore, MD. We've worked on projects before, and Dru has always been a supporter of my musical productions. But, I have to say, his recent work, Anhinga (the "Spirit Bird"), created for Baltimore based clothier Hunting Ground, is ground breaking. Dru used a piece of…