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Human Beatbox Harmonica master Yuri Lane continues to make us other beatboxers ask the simple question "am I doing enough as a performing artist???" Check out his performance on the Steve Harvey Show and you will see why: Visit Yuri's website for more information.

As a teaching artist with the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, I have worked with teachers of students in preK and Kindergarten to provide arts-based teaching strategies in a professional development residency format. In other words, I go into these teacher's classrooms and share songs, games and exercises that the teachers can then continue to use…

Drury Bynum is a beast. He shoots and edits video for Shine Creative, based in Baltimore, MD. We've worked on projects before, and Dru has always been a supporter of my musical productions. But, I have to say, his recent work, Anhinga (the "Spirit Bird"), created for Baltimore based clothier Hunting Ground, is ground breaking. Dru used a piece of…

Sebastian Mullaert and Markus Henriksson are the Swedish electronic duo Minilogue. They have a very nice approach to making music, involving "stages" of preparation leading up to semi-improvisatory composition. "For me, to let the music be created and to listen to it is very similar." Yes, indeed.