Beatboxing was and, to a diminishing extent, still is, the art of making music when you have no other instruments at hand.

It is, of course, not an only  child in the universal musical family. Recently I have found myself searching out and studying all those musical cultures and techniques which fall in that category of “make some noise with whatever you’ve got.”

In the course of my research (High British accent) I was fortunate to come across the art of  Lyrical God. Julius Wright is 23 (I think, if my math is right) and from Philadelphia, PA. He is a street performer (mainly, it seems) and works with young people. So our worlds are in that way similar. He uses two pens and his voice as his instruments of choice. Julius also has a taste for a particular type of student desk (not sure which make or model, sorry) which produces just the right frequencies when struck by pens and hands. His agility with the pen is stunning and his rapping is also choice. In the video below he breaks down his technique:

I have yet to try out pen tapping myself, but I will, just as soon as I can find that one particular desk…

About The Author

Max is a professional beatboxer and teaching artist. He enjoys teaching and performing for audiences of all ages.