When I’m not producing tracks, I’m probably beatboxing. Beatboxing is the art of mixing vocally produced drums, sound effects, and any kind of sounds you can imagine. Hence Biz Markee’s famous line “make the music with your mouth, Biz.”

One of my BFF’s Stan Ipcus is one of the best when it comes to rocking rhymes over a beatbox. He and I have rocked many stages over the years, and it has been exciting to watch this ill emcee expand his skill set as a writer. He regularly contributes to the vibrant hip-hop culture mix-tape inspired blog Up North Trips as well as various magazines and other online publications.

So when he sent me one of his recent posts, I wasn’t surprised to find that it was beatbox focused. The title, “The 10s | Make The Music With Your Mouth: 10 Beatbox Bangers,” pretty much explains it all. Trust me, if you like beatboxing, you need to give this mix a listen. Beatboxing celebrates human creativity and skill in a unique way that is instantly recognizable.

About The Author

Max is a professional beatboxer and teaching artist. He enjoys teaching and performing for audiences of all ages.