Since the day I met him back circa 1999, I have met few artists with as much drive, dedication and consistency as the musician known as Oddisee.

He started out writing rhymes, progressed naturally into beat production, and began steadily released material to the MD/DC/VA underground.

I’ve checked in with Oddisee when I get the chance over the years. I realized he was onto something big when he released Diamond District‘s “In The Ruff,” an album the magazine Wax Poetics called “the DC boom bap album.” Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Oddisee was featured (not reviewed, featured) in this month’s issue of Wax Poetics.

My brother B and I went to check out Oddisee’s new live band at the Black Cat in DC (one of the best spots to hear music in the capitol) last month and I was blown away by this hip-hop-funk-soul super group with players like DC-based producer Unknown, piano master Ralph Real and other artists who could lead a band in their own right. They were supposedly “tuning up” (it was their first show ever) but they are already a really tight, creative unit. After a tour of Europe I can’t imagine how good that band is going to be. Odisee played the front man role with panache and a calm but visceral energy that few musicians really possess.

And then, as if all of the above wasn’t enough, his music shows up on a Google product release for the new Nexus Q!

So sit tight, because if you haven’t heard of Oddisee yet, you will soon. More of Oddisee’s music here.

About The Author

Max is a professional beatboxer and teaching artist. He enjoys teaching and performing for audiences of all ages.