I met Penny way back in the dayz. She was, as usual, hustling the beautiful glass that she creates. And to this day, her work continues to motivate her in a way that I think only a few artists that I know can identify with.

Julie and I had (Julie Bent, that is, Baltimore based fashion designer and stylist and sometimes amazing video editor) teamed up to produce a video documenting Penny’s Murrine process (shot by David King). I won’t try to explain, just peep the video below:

Penelope Rakov – Cane Pulling Process from Max Bent on Vimeo.

Make sure you check out Penny’s website to see the finished products she creates, and buy something, because whomever receives such a gift from you will admire you greatly for your discerning taste.

About The Author

Max is a professional beatboxer and teaching artist. He enjoys teaching and performing for audiences of all ages.