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Step Afrika! is an amazing dance and movement ensemble based out of Washington D.C. that tours 11 months out of the year both nationally and internationally. When they reached out to me about performing at their 25th anniversary celebration (the opening weekend's beatbox duties were covered by RHAZEL) I said YES. I was blown away by the intensity and passion…

Anyone like Inspector Gadget? I feel it's one of the best melodies of all time. People recognize it everywhere. That's what is so fun about melodies. Stunning video and sound production brought to you by Wendel Patrick. Recorded at Stinking Toe Tree Studios.

Andres is my good buddy who plays bilingual (Spanish/English) music for families. His group, 123conAndres, is an international sensation and grammy winner. He recently visited Bmore to hang, jam, film and laugh. I am INSPIRED by his work ethic, creativity, musicality, openness, knowledge, and AMAZING YouTube channel. This video starts with the results of our session and continues with two…

The otherworldly Scott Patterson of Afrohouse (Baltimore) is writing a Space Opera Ballet that is epic, far reaching and yet very human in the questions it asks. I am so honored to be a part of the ensemble.

Baltimore Boom Bap Society 6 yrs anniversary session Beatbox already know how we do when it comes to the vocal arts here in Baltimore. Wendel Patrick, Shodekeh, Chuck the Madd Ox. Dubble8 on the added samples. Peep.

I actually really like the work of David Duchovny, but that is irrelevant to the exploration of his name as a rhythm. Shaun Callahan of PEP Video is the genius behind the video work. More names to come:)