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Step Afrika! is an amazing dance and movement ensemble based out of Washington D.C. that tours 11 months out of the year both nationally and internationally. When they reached out to me about performing at their 25th anniversary celebration (the opening weekend's beatbox duties were covered by RHAZEL) I said YES. I was blown away by the intensity and passion…

Some footage from the culminating event at a recent residency. Beatbox improvisation with a little conducting, great reaction from the audience!

Human Beatbox Harmonica master Yuri Lane continues to make us other beatboxers ask the simple question "am I doing enough as a performing artist???" Check out his performance on the Steve Harvey Show and you will see why: Visit Yuri's website for more information.

I've been beatboxing for many many years but it wasn't until I began a study of various Yogic breathing exercises that I realized something spectacular: breathing is a huge aspect of the human voice. I admit, I soon discovered I'm a little on this one, as it turns out singers have been doing breathing exercises to complement their singing for…