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Baltimore beatboxer Shodekeh is the curator behind the Embody Lab vocal series. Simple rules: no instruments allowed except VOICE. No looping, no electronics.This clip, shot by Tom Kessler, features vocalist Navasha Daya with support from Chuck the Madd Ox, Victoria Vox, Sinead Fahey, and Juliana Marin.

Some footage from the culminating event at a recent residency. Beatbox improvisation with a little conducting, great reaction from the audience!

I've been thinking about the commonalities shared by drum machines and kalimbas. These thumb pianos have vibrating tines that can tuned by length. The early analog drum machines used oscillators to produce their tones. These oscillations could also be tuned. Matt Muirhead is a mad scientist of all things vibrating. We did an improvised beatbox kalimba duet at Baltimore Boom…